Who is Sammy Singh, CEO and Founder of CFO Base- Global Entrepreneur?

Sammy Singh (also known as Sam Singh Mehta) founder of CFO Base , Atmosify Shakespeareo and many more business enterprises . Sammy Singh has founded many entrepreneurial ventures and possesses a strong professional, as well as education background focused in financial technology, global taxation, and economics.

Sammy Singh- Professional Overview and Background

Sammy Singh NBA
Sammy’s aptitude came into the spotlight when he took over as the global Chief Financial Officer for the firm CXOsync– a global technology events and collaboration firm connecting the brightest of leaders for events niche specific and tailored toward their niche department seeking actionable insights through networking with other like-minded professionals in industry. When Sammy took over- the firm was in the small business phase, suffering in growth and a lack of direction with having a massive transition and restructure within the firm with how things were previous done. In the short span of 1 year (2016-2017), through his innovation and analysis of each individual department and product divisions- was able to have a history year of a 1089% increase in revenue. This was unheard of and remarkable in industry and made Sammy distinguished amongst his peers as a mover and shaker in industry through the offices of Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, Sammy instituted state of the art blockchain based solutions and cash flow algorithmic function that combined 20 different formulas to yield 4 simplified metrics that he was able to distributed across the offices of CMO, CIO, CISO, CTO, CSO, and CEO- as well as ops and sales for increased data alignment and never before seen synergy amongst departments. He is the chief architect of closed loop reporting data alignment functionality utilizing a simplified approx. across an array of data streams for a fully aligned end point solution taking complex data lakes and creating one unified data stream to provide actionable solutions standardized across the entire organization.
Sammy also was the Chief System Architecture and Advisor with CVS Health and worked instrumentally in creating the data functionalities and capture currently seen across every CVS Pharmacy globally with his data analytics passion from the onset of his professional prowess. Sammy possesses an extensive educational background ranging from The Wharton School of Business to The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the scope of public administration, economics and computer science (DevOps UI/UX); and through this- founded the financial disruptive firm that globally impacted many firms in how financial data was simplified for sales and CMO success with his founding firm- Atmosify Inc. Sammy has currently founded over 15 firms globally and has been involved in advising numerous firms- while currently focusing on his two largest US based enterprises- The Accountant Inc. and CFO Base Inc.

Sammy Singh Skill-Set and Experience in Finance, Technology, and CXO

– Detail-oriented professional with an expertise in accounting, business intelligence, digital analytics, cryptocurrency, international taxation, business formation, and marketing analytics.
– Experienced C-suite professional with exposure to roles of CMO, CDO, CISO, and CTO – strong leadership skills.
– Expert in revenue recognition policies, strategic marketing, domain registration and management, trademark and copyright registration, and cryptocurrency formulation.
His proficiency and educational background:
•Masters of Science in Accountancy (Concentration in Revenue Recognition)
•Masters of Business Administration (Concentration in Financial Accounting/ Economics)
•Masters in Digital Analytics and Masters of Information Systems (MIS) (Concentration in Big Data Analytics)
•Experience with Corporate Tax, International Tax, VAT, Corporate Financial Statements, Corporate Quarterly and Annual filings, F.A.S.B. codifications, G.A.A.P., I.F.R.S., and Public / Private Accounting.
•Skilled in Digital Analytics, Closed Loop Analytics, S.E.O. , S.E.M. , C.R.M., and Cloud Based Data Security
•Proficient in QuickBooks, Oracle, AS400, and SAP, Salesforce, Adobe, Azure, GitHub, iOS, Android, Ruby on the Rails.
•Credentialed in Human Resource Administration, Department of Employment Securities, Vendor/Contractor/ F.T.E./ P.T.E. documentation and payroll taxation.
•Dexterous in segmented marketing, strategic marketing, social selling, ROI measurement.
•Fixed asset depreciation, sales tax jurisdiction analysis/ V.A.T. insight and disposal expertise • Accomplished in preparation of annual financial statements
A check on IMDB has listed Sammy Singh as well with a pretty impressive background- it is interesting to see his background as this publication goes more into detail.
Sammy Singh (legally known as Samir Singh Mehta) was born in Evanston, Illinois on December 4th, 1986. As a child, Sammy Singh participated in many performances and arts campaigns and modeled for major Bollywood film production firms as a fresh face fitting the appeal during the film renaissance. Along with this, Mr. Singh enjoyed life as a typical kid engaging in backyard baseball and basketball- though athletics was not his focus from an early age- numbers were. As he focused in on his passion for numbers and focusing on coding at the age of 14- Sammy Singh dedicated all of his attention to be the best in financial technology at a very young age.
He attended Conant High School where he refined his skills in tax and economics which helped him gain entry into the prestigious Loyola University of Chicago. While here, Sammy graduated with his degree in accounting and finance and went on to obtain multiple master’s degrees in business, finance, accounting, and computer science from schools such as Benedictine University, Wharton School of Business, and University of California, Los Angeles- where Sammy connected with a few of his peers from previous engagements in film and modeling as a child.
Sammy Singh gained much global recognition through his work as the Global CFO of a multinational technology corporation, which had a growth in revenue of 788% in the span of 2 years. Sammy is also the founder of 22 startups located globally, and has successfully launched his firms nationally and globally recognized such as Atmosify, The Accountant, and CMO Market- which have seen significant success in the United States.
In 2018, Mr. Singh was recognized as one of Inc. 5000 innovators with his businesses being awarded accolades by his peers. Along with his scope of work in the technology and financial sector- Sammy Singh also works as the Director of Analytics for Artest Management Group, founded by Metta World Peace, and consults for over 100 private white-collar clients ranging from celebrities, athletes, and Fortune 500 globally recognized professionals. Mr. Singh has been deemed the nickname of “Fin-tech Rockstar” from media outlets in Dubai, Mumbai, UK, as well as within the United States due to his attention to details and lifestyle filled with many famous personalities who have influenced Sammy Singh in an extremely positive light to continue accomplishing new goals- all while having a great time in the process.
Mr. Singh is diligently working for a major upcoming launch in the technology sphere and focusing on innovating products for better quality of life- as he was recognized as a chief contributing member of the American Red Cross in Hurricane Relief for Texas and disaster relief funding. He is also working on a major reconstruction project in Eritrea, Nigeria, as well as other EMEA locations for his innovation in decentralization via block chain, as he has already been recognized as one of the global leaders in South Korea in block chain decentralization and smart contracts for initiatives driven toward standardization of digital paperwork. Sammy Singh is considered by many of his peers as the face of financial technology disruption and is viewed as one of the brightest minds in the world in the industries of accounting, finance, and technology.
It is safe to say Sammy Singh is involved with a lot of ventures- though only time will tell on how he establishes a greater legacy in financial technology within the United States.

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