Payroll Processing and Payroll Management (Full Scale)

Payroll Management and Processing

CFO Base Payroll

CFO Base provides all sized businesses, as well as start-up organizations, with an easy and cost-effective way to process their company’s payroll and tax deposit solutions compliant by internal revenue services standards.

More importantly, CFO Base knows your employees put their trust in you to pay them accurately; as well as properly track other payroll related items from their paycheck.

We take that obligation seriously.

Online Payroll

We can reduce time having your payroll processed with our online payroll processing option and next day tax deposit scheduler.

This puts the power of control in your hands each payday – no matter where you want to process your company’s payroll, you will remain compliant with the internal revenue services.

Tax Compliance

You can trust CFO Base expertise in employment-related tax and internal revenue service payment compliance matters when it comes to your payroll, HR and ERP systems. We are the full scale compliance partner your firm needs as a registered agent with the IRS.

Comprehensive Filings

We manage all federal, state and local tax payments, quarterly payroll filings, W-2’s, Wage Garnishments and more to not only meet, but also guarantee that your business presence remains in good standing in the eyes of the internal revenue service.

Our hope is to minimize your employment-related tax and payment compliance risk.

Reduced Tax Rates

We bring efficiency and ease to required payroll tax and internal revenue services compliance requirements with a complete audit trail.

Our goal is to reduce taxes and other expenses via on-time payments and reporting.

CFO Base handles all federal, state and local tax payroll deposits and payments required by the internal revenue services (IRS).

We also provide and offer to handle all quarterly filings, W-2’s and 1099’s, wage garnishments, employee pay stub creation, and more.

Final Word

A business’ payroll taxes is often complicated by changing federal and state regulations (income tax).

Let us calculate, deposit and file payroll taxes for you, as we do for other businesses just like yours.

You will feel confident that your tax obligations are in the hands of experts.

Send us an email today at and we will provide you with further information and look to get you started on the fast track to business financial success today!

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