Top 10 eBay Inventory Management Tools

Manage your eBay inventory with these tools.

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eBay Inventory Management Tools

That’s why having this list of the Top 10 eBay inventory management tools is important to streamlining your efforts and making more cash.


You’ll get some outstanding integrations with this software that works with eBay and QuickBooks. There’s a free trial. What’s more you can get a feature sheet by clicking this link. There’s lots of features beyond the eBay integration that speak to your future expansion plans like cloud storage.

Zoho Inventory

There’s lots to choose from including a mobile app you can find at either the App Store or Google Play. Zoho makes a point of highlighting the fact this inventory tool is good for multi-channel stores. A good idea considering there’s a growing trend this way.


This is a complete ecommerce inventory automation platform specializing in what they call an eBay Large Merchant Services (LMS) program. They offer a customer relationship manager that is specific to your individual needs.


Give this one a close look. ChannelSale is great if you’re looking to cast a wide net across eBay with inventory management software that does a variety of things. They create product listings from a wide variety of files formats. They also support kits and bundled products.


Auctiva Inventory stresses the automation aspect. This is critical for most eBay integrations but Auctiva offers a one page listing tool specifically designed for eBay. They also offer a schedule listing option at no extra charge. Check out their other comprehensive features.

This one is good at keeping things simple.


Real time accounting and synchronization with eBay are just a few of the features here. The management team has a history that goes all the way back to the 1990s.


This company offers the ability to revise and create hundreds of eBay listings in bulk format. You can also sell different items under the banner of a single listing here. They currently have over 4000 small business customers according to their website.


One of the big advantages to this kind of inventory software the fact you should have no stockouts and zero backorders. Once you’re using this type of software, both should be eliminated. This tool will help you to accomplish both those goals. They offer standard features like advanced reporting and inventory management in real time.

What makes them worth a second look is some of the creative merchandising features they offer like flash sales and loyalty programs.


SellerDynamics offers auto relisting as one of its selling features. When you sell a product on eBay, the software automatically checks your stock and re-lists it. They also offer multichannel capabilities and automatic repricing. They also have a wide range of marketplaces that are supported including eBay, Amazon and Shopify.

This is a good choice if you’re looking for flexibility and the ability to cast your sales net wide.


It’s important to have multichannel capabilities in today’s retail world. When brick-and-mortar meets ecommerce, your eBay inventory management needs to go to new levels. This company offers the ability to track your product inventory across different warehouses. They also work on a month-to-month basis so there is no contract or other kinds of obligation.


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