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The Growth Minded CFO is Digital CFO Success- CFO Base

CFO Base was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing valuable CFO services to small business, entrepreneurs,  and individuals digitally, at the most affordable price. The rate at which many entrepreneurs and startups fail in the early stages is astronomical in the United States. 

Many small businesses that failed had one quality in common- they did not have a CFO- instead opting with the founder doing the role of financial management and relying on the CPA on advise for business strategy. CPAs lack the knowledge and understanding of the macro-economic strategy and nuances that a seasoned CFO possesses and is found at CFO Base.

Our mission at CFO Base is providing the high quality service of a Big 4 firm with a more intimate and direct solution digitally saving our partners time, money, and a financial headache.

We have done financials and accounting reporting for over 500 clients ranging from  individuals, public and private corporations, system architecture build for Fortune 20 tech firms, and white collar legal representations.


Contact CFO Base today and see the difference of strategic insights for actionable outcomes!

Digital Accountant and Tax Agency

Digital CFO services also include a full-scale tax agency and accountant services with our business management solutions- see the difference with CFO Base strategic insights for actionable outcomes today! 

Tax Filed

Whether you are a business or an individual- tax impacts you. We get your taxes filed and put your mind at ease.

Learning Tools

The smartest tax filers are one's who understand the simplified outcomes we provide. Partner with us to get the best tools for smarter tax outcomes.

Tax Savings

With our 2,891 different tax deduction buckets- CFO Base understands the ideal bucket to categorize expense to maximize your savings and tax return.

CFO Base Digital Transformation

Our experts understand tax is a stressful time and how challenges with the IRS and other departments add an additional concern. We work with you and ensure we keep the IRS and departments at bay so you can relax and be assured your tax and accounting concerns are in the hands of tax experts.

Individuals need more attention to their returns and situations. We are the intimiate solution provider and work with you to craft the best solution that is tailored to your unique attention. We are available 24/7 and though we understand most agencies close at a certain time- our goal is to stay open to keep your mind at ease at any time of the day so you can be rest assured- CFO Base cares about you. 

Financial Accounting Strategy

Strategic planning is smarter financial management with CFO Base.

Cash Flow Management

Liquidity, Sales ROI, and a deeper understanding of money movement advantage

long term Financial Solutions

We believe in helping smarter habits with our partners to ensure long term business success

Enterprise Synergy Magnet

We believe in providing digital collaborative soltuions to help our partners succeed.

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