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To Hack, or To Be Unhackable

In Israel, one tech company operates a service that allows governments and security services to secretly hack into any phone. Almost any phone, that is: another, neighboring company produces the IntactPhone, which is almost impossible to hack. A single tech entrepreneur has links to both companies, which themselves often share customers. FT

The Slumping South

By 2009, the U.S. South was almost as wealthy as its neighboring regions, due to lower taxes and policies that created blue-collar jobs. But in the years since the financial crisis, the South’s fortunes have turned—weighing down output and wages and pushing up unemployment—as globalization has hit the region particularly hard, and policies that had previously worked failed to make much of a dent. WSJ

Down the Alt-Right Rabbit Hole

Youtube’s algorithm—which suggests home page videos and “Up Next” suggestions on the sidebar—is responsible for 70% of the time viewers spend on the site. This deep-dive explores exactly what that means for young viewers, particularly men, who are drawn deeper and deeper into the alt-right communities that have proliferated on the site. New York Times

Billions in a Shot Glass

The world’s best-selling tequila has minted a new billionaire. Karen Virginia Beckmann, a former shoe designer, is now one of Latin America’s wealthiest women, with a $1.9 billion stake in Becle SAB after her father transferred part of his stake to her. Her wealth comes from a family-owned liquor dynasty, which has lasted more than two-hundred years. Bloomberg

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